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We have created a device that begins to absorb the anterior point of impact before the critical injurious angle is reached.  Simply, our device acts as a barrier between the anterior lower edge of the foot and an opposing hard surface in order to lessen the probability of an interior ankle sprain and or break.  In addition to absorbing the initial awkward angle impact, we believe our device will help decrease the chance of a much more severe injury extended to the 5th metatarsal joint and ankle bone of the foot.


"How To" Video Instructions

This product was tested with a 3D Motion Analysis by the Center for Human Performance.

Main Findings

"Our finding suggests that the AnkleMax reduces the risk of an ankle inversion injury"

Center for Human Performance

Test Results
  • AnkleMax did not alter the natural kinematics of cutting and jumping

  • AnkleMax induced a statistically significant larger eversion torque during jumping as compared to the control condition (no AnkleMax)